There are two solutions to get this installed.


Option 1: Create the folders

  1. Go to: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/
  2. Create a folder called “CEP”. (All Capitalized) 
  3. Go inside of the newly created CEP folder and create another folder called “extensions”. (No Capitalization)
  4. Then go inside the extensions folder and drag and drop the “MotionDuck-r65” folder inside the extensions folder

If this doesn’t work, then please proceed to option 2.


Option 2: Installing MotionDuck For Mac with ZXP Installer

  1. Download ZXP Installer for MAC here:
  2. Install ZXP Installer and open it.
  3. Download this version of MotionDuck here:
  4. Drag and drop the MotionDuck-r70.zxp into the ZXP Installer.

Then MotionDuck is installed!

You can watch this quick tutorial on how to install via ZXP Installer:

(This tutorial starts at 50 seconds.)