Returns & Refunds

We can provide a refund before you activate the “activation code” on your pack. If there’s any issues with your pack after activate your code, please message us or check our support page. Once you activate your code, we cannot provide you with a refund. Unfortunately, this is a digital product. So we can’t simply take it back, as you will have it forever.

If there’s any issues with installation, please contact us at, as we will help you get our pack working for you! You may try and use our free packs before buying.

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Free 50 templates for Premiere Pro: Click here

Eligible Refunds

  1. Pack has been bought within 5 days of your refund request and you have not activated your activation code.
  2. There is a clear and unsolvable problem within 30 days of your purchase. Proof must be sent that you have followed our support instructions.
  3. You have bought the same item twice by mistake.

Ineligible Refunds

  1. You no longer need to use the item.
  2. You did not use it for your project after the 5 day purchase window.
  3. You cannot connect to the Internet to download or install.
  4. You activated your activation code and want a refund for any reason, except clear and unsolvable problems that we cannot help you with.
  5. You do not know how to use After Effects or Premiere Pro.
  6. You do not know how to use our items.
  7. The item was “falsely” promoted.
  8. An Adobe update has made our products no longer work.
  9. Asking for a refund for any reason, except for eligible refunds.

By purchasing from our website, you agree to our Returns & Refunds policy.