SonduckFilm License



What is allowed?

1. All products have a lifetime license – your license for a product will be active forever.
2. Buying a product just once is allowing you to use it unlimited times.
3. You can use our products for personal and commercial purposes.

What is not allowed?

1. Full or partial resale of our products on any other websites or markets.
2. Transfer our products to third parties.
3. Copying or placing our products on any other websites, either as paid or as free content.


1. Each digital work (referred to as a “Template” , “Pack”, or “Product”) you purchase or download from or MotionDuck, you are granted one single license. A license from SonduckFilm is entered between you and SonduckFilm.

2. One single license includes a lifetime, worldwide, commercial use of the digital product you have purchased.

3. One single license of a product allows you to install the purchased digital work (Pack) on up to two computers at a time. The MotionDuck extension will only allow you to activate packs twice. You must uninstall one instance of a pack to install on a third computer (or purchase another license).

4. You have lifetime use of the digital work. Meaning you can use the templates forever on any type of commercial or personal project. A single license is granted with the purchase of a digital work.

5. If you purchase a subscription from, you may use all of the digital works with the Packs on any project, unlimited times while your subscription is active. When your subscription is cancelled, ends, or your payment declines, you may not continue to use any of the templates (digital work) within the subscription.

6. In the event of a refund for a digital work, your single license is revoked. You may not continue to use or distribute the digital work.


7. You may edit, alter, and use the digital work in any way you need.

8. The digital work may be distributed within the final end product (a “final end product” is exported media from Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects), that is created for promotion, client, or personal projects.

9. You may distribute unlimited final end products with your single license of the digital work.

10. You may distribute unlimited final end products from multiple digital works.


11. You may not send or transfer any project file with SonduckFilm digital work to a third party. A Third Party is, but not limited to, a client, your customer, and another business. If you are a business, organization, or legal entity and have purchased a single license with the intent of installing on your computers for coworkers, employees, and contractors to use, that is allowed.

12. Reselling or giving away for free of any aspect of digital work from SonduckFilm is not allowed. Full or partial resale of our Product(s) on any website or market is not allowed.


13. We are not responsible for your project, final end product, or result with using digital works, Packs, Templates from SonduckFilm.

14. We are not responsible for the outcome of a final end product given to your client, customer, third party or final end user.

15. We are not responsible for damages that may occur with your project or hardware.

16. We are not responsible for unmet expectations or outcome for any project that uses our digital work, Packs, Templates from SonduckFilm.

17. If future updates prevent the functionally of our digital work, Pack(s), Template(s), or Product, we are not responsible for any digital work from SonduckFilm not being able to work. For example, if Adobe no longer allows the use of 3rd Party Products a part of their software or updates their software and we do not update our digital work, Pack(s), Templates(s), or Product.

By using and/or purchasing digital works from you agree to the SonduckFilm End User License Agreement.

All SonduckFilm products are copyrighted, violation of this license is prosecuted.

Thank for reading our license agreement and for the support of our YouTube channel, SonduckFilm. If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing