In order to fix this error you need to temporarily change your Premiere Pro language to English.

You may watch a tutorial on how to quickly do this here:

  1. In Premiere Pro, type “CTRL + F12” (PC) or “CMD +F12” (MAC).
  2. Go to the Console panel and click on the three lined icon.
  3. Click “Debug Database View”
  4. In the search bar, type “ApplicationLanguage”. You may need to translate that to your language.
  5. Then next to AppplicationLanguage, change the code to “en_US”.
  6. Close the Console Panel and restart Premiere Pro.

Now the template should correctly work. 

After you are done working on your project, you may go back to the console and change it back to your language. 

Here is the list of language codes, so you can find your language:

Please keep me posted.